Mout & Hout

Welcome to Mout & Hout. The inspiring venue for business events that leave a lasting impression.

Imagine a place where the best beer from the Kempen region merges with the rich aroma of authentic barbecue. Welcome to Mout & Hout – the inspiring destination for business events that leave a lasting impression.


Here people laugh, live and do business in the proximity of copper brew kettles under the soft glow of Edison lights. A place that breathes creativity, passion and productivity.

Our team is all about hospitality and making sure everything goes smoothly, from the first contact to the last glass. We understand the nuances of corporate events and make every effort to bring your vision to life.

At Mout & Hout, we combine business with pleasure in a way that can’t be found anywhere else. Book your next event with us and experience the magic of BBQ, beer and business for yourself.


  • Capacity: in consultation
  • Dinner: from private dining to shared dining and a la carte

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